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meshwork music is a new label for electronic music founded by André C. Schmechta – aka Sevren Ni-Arb – known as electronic music artist since 1988 and mastermind of bands like X-MARKS THE PEDWALK. With advanced electronic music and atmospheric soundscapes meshwork music wants to push the boundaries of electronic music to a new level. Join our creative sphere. Welcome to meshwork music!

Starting with well known and famous bands like X-MARKS THE PEDWALK, meshwork is always searching for new artists and creative talents to expand our sphere of electronic music. Here you can find more information about our artists.

Quality not quantity is the simple motto of meshwork. With our releases we promise you a stunning journey with remarkable sound experiences from ambient soundscapes to modern electronic sounds. Check out our releases.

Media / Press

You are working for magazines and media? Searching for interviews with our artists and reviews of our releases? Please contact us!


You would like to bring the sound of meshwork to the dance floors all over the world? Send us your message!


Meshwork is searching for innovative artists and music. Send us some band info and your music demo.


Meshwork is part of a music industry full of creative members and innovative artists. We are happy to be with you. Stay connected!