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Discover Your Secrets!

We all have secrets: emotions, people and occurrences that change our minds and affect our thoughts and conducts. They´ve grown over years and are rooted in the past quite often. What do we reveal about our personality, whom do we give insights, which parts are kept in hiding?

„It’s an admirably strong album of nine exquisite tracks!“ (Release Music MAgazine / 04.2017)
„Gorgeous! „Secrets … has become a great and compact work … We hereby issue an absolute purchase recommendation.“ (Electrozombies/ 03.2017)
„What a majestic return it is! Nine songs designed to worm into your skull and make you dance until you’ve no breath left in you…“ (SantaSangre / 03.2017)
„Wer perfekt produzierten, eingängigen Electro-Pop sucht, wird bei “Secrets” fündig. In der Tat ein „Masterpiece“!“ (Sonic Seducer/ 03.2017)


SECRETS is album no. 9 of the electronic underground music pioneers X MARKS THE PEDWALK. 9 fascinating Electro-Tracks are waiting to be discovered. Everyone will find a hidden part of personality in SECRETS!

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The strong and concisely sound design on SECRETS is anchored in the past of electronic music and seems to trace the fragile emotions of SECRETS to its origin.

Warm analog synthesizers, pulsating sequencer sounds and powerful rhythms give a retro-touch to the music but keep it new again, modern and unique. Detailed arrangements and creative variety of sounds are surrounded by catchy melodies and together with the voices of Sevren and Estefanía create an intensive atmosphere.

From the driving „Masterpiece “ and “Photomatique” to the gloomy melancholic “Ghost” and “Breathe”, from the hymnal „One Time“ to the monumental „Crankmachine“ X MARKS THE PEDWALK spread out their distinctive dramaturgy of sound – touching und thrilling!

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The electronic music project X MARKS THE PEDWALK was founded by Sevren Ni-Arb in 1988 and is well known to electronic music fans all over the world. They became one of the most influential and visionary bands from the so called EBM scene in the 90s.