MESH1007   |   19.03.2021   |   CD + DIGITAL

Some moments in life are too good not to be lived, experienced and remebered thoroughly. Some occasions are too good to go under in the mess that our life is. CTRL + S portrays the idea of „saving“ meaningful, special events for yourself to be able to say: „Yes, I lived this moment, I remember this moment how it was.“

CTRL + S fascinates with a unique mix of deep bass, punchy beats, hypnotic sequencer lines and arpeggios with shimmering melo synths and thrilling soundscapes.

Electro, synth-pop, trap, wave and even a touch of EBM can be found on the second album by the only 17 year old electro artist LMX. And while the debut album is only instrumental, this time LMX also takes the microphone and gives numerous tracks additional expressiveness and energy.



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